Asymmetry – Worth the Read?

I eagerly started Asymmetry after having read about it on several Best-of-2018 lists. It’s broken into 3 parts, and the author is credited with achieving something magnificent and awe-inspiring.

I have to admit that while I enjoyed the 3 parts – I sure didn’t get the significance of her accomplishment on the first read-through!

I devoured the first section, written about the May-December romance between an older famous writer and the younger editor. Loved the NYC setting and the jaunts to the vacation home. Loved how his idiosyncrasies and age/illness pervaded their relationship.

The second section is written from a totally different perspective & set in a different time & place. Written in flashbacks while the narrator is detained in immigration control, it’s a compelling story about an man trying to return to Iraq to find his brother.

The third & final section is short… I won’t give too much away. It is an interview with a character from the first Section. I honestly didn’t get the connection between all three sections until I read a few reviews (NPR’s and NYT’s).

Bottom Line –  Borrow My Copy, Put on your 2019 List!

Read it for the enjoyment of each section. It’s OK if you don’t get “it” until you look it up & read about it. This is a book you’ll be thinking about it for days maybe weeks afterwards. You’ll be glad you read it, I know I am.


Lisa Halliday Credit Phil Soheili
Lisa Halliday in NYT Review, credit Phil Soheili

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